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American Ginseng Root in Ethanol and Purified Water

American ginseng is slightly different than Asian or Korean ginseng (Latin name Panax ginseng) which is known to be more stimulating and can caused increased heart rate and blood pressure.  American ginseng is better for promoting a calm, focused energy while improving stress response and overall brain function.  However, both types of ginseng contain all of the same ginsenoside and gintonin compounds, just in different concentrations.  American ginseng is often referred to as "white ginseng" while Asian ginseng is usually called "red ginseng".

Some of the potential health benefits of American ginseng backed by scientific evidence and traditional use are: 

1.      Increased energy and decreased fatigue due to lower oxidative stress levels and increased energy production in cells

2.       Nootropic and adaptogenic properties which means ginseng may improve focus and short term memory as well as help the body maintain balance while under stress  

3.       Improved immune response meaning ginseng may help the immune system respond to colds and flu . 

4.       Reduced inflammation associated with arthritis, muscle stiffness and diet

5.       Lower blood sugar level for diabetics

6.       Inhibits growth of cancer cells and may help improve the effectiveness of cancer medications while reducing cancer related fatigue  

Warning: Herbal extracts may interact with other therapeutic substances and as a general rule are not recommended for use by children, in pregnancy and lactation, and if you are on certain prescription medications.

Disclaimer: The statements provided on this website are based on the recorded traditional use of herbs in general and should not be viewed as therapeutic claims for the herbal teas, extracts, and blends on offer. We provide this information for educational purpose to our customers and fans of herbal and natural medicine because we believe it is important to stay connected to our roots and maintain and spread the human knowledge accumulated over centuries of traditional healing. Our herbal blends are custom made in accordance with your needs and not tested for efficacy or listed on the register of therapeutic goods.

We must ensure the safe and appropriate use of our products and may ask for additional information prior to making up your product. Please rest assure that we respect your privacy and that your information will not be shared.

Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.



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