Vitamin and mineral supplements can play a vital role in the prevention and treatment of a range of health conditions. While there are many vitamin companies creating a range of both single and multivitamin supplements, the amounts often aren’t sufficient to meet your daily intake.

We compound single or multivitamin supplements specific to your needs. At Caringbah Compounding Pharmacy, you can get the vitamin supplement you need — at the most accurate dose without any unnecessary extras.

Highest grade vitamins

The vitamin market is flooded. Competition is driven by profit, not quality. Because of this, many vitamin companies use “cheaper” forms of vitamins to keep prices down.

At Caringbah Compounding Pharmacy, we value your health. We use the highest grade of vitamins in their most absorbable forms. We choose these high grade vitamins because they ensure you get the best health outcomes and wellbeing benefits.

Talk to us about your health

You might have questions to ask or just want to understand your health a little better. You can organise a consultation with one of our compounding pharmacists to talk through your wellbeing and how vitamin and mineral supplements may be helpful for you.