Withania Complex Adrenal Drops

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From the Team at Newton's Pharmacy

Description: A blend of Chinese and European Herbal Extracts, traditionally used for overcoming fatigue and exhaustion, supporting the adrenal health and for better overall performance during times of stress.

Ingredients: Traditional herbal extracts of Korean Ginseng, Licorice, Withania, Rhodiola, Kelp and Rehmania.

Traditional dose: 20-25 drops in a little water three times a day.

Precautions: Do not take with bood thinning medicines. These drops should be used as a short term tonic.

Not recommended for children under 12, in pregnancy, or in the presence of chronic high blood pressure. Herbs may interact with prescription drugs, please check with a pharmacist prior use. 

If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical medications please consult with your doctor prior to use.

Available following a free consultation with a naturopath to ensure the safe and most appropriate use of herbs in each case. 


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