Black Walnut Extract

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Description: Fluid Extract of the hulls and leaves of Juglans regia, Black walnut, in 80% ethanol and purified water, 1:2

Traditional Use: From ancient times through the nineteenth century herbalists prescribed the walnut, the bark, the roots, and the leaves as an astringent, a laxative, a styptic to stop bleeding, a vermifuge to expel worms or parasites, and a hepatic to tone the liver.

Recommended Use: 1 ml three times a day. Black Walnut works best when blended with herbal extracts with similar and complementary biological actions, such as cloves and wormwood, as in H. Clark's Parasite Drops. 

For custom made blend, please contact the pharmacy.



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Black Walnut Leaf Organic Black Walnut Leaf Organic
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