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Description: Herbal and homeopathic tinctures and globules of Butternut, Juglans Cinerea.

Traditional Use: Butternut was used by various native North American Indian tribes as a laxative and tonic herbal remedy to treat a variety of conditions including rheumatic and arthritic joints, headaches, dysentery, constipation and wounds. In modern herbalism, the extract of the inner bark is considered to be a valuable remedy for chronic constipation, gently encouraging regular bowel movements. It is especially beneficial when combined with a carminative herb such as Angelica archangelica. Butternut extract also lowers cholesterol levels and promotes the clearance of waste products by the liver.

Homeopathic Formulations: Similar to Juglandin; Chelidon; Bryon; Iris. Potency: MT to 3X

For more information regarding the homeopathic formulations, please refer to your practitioner or Materia Medica.

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