Black Walnut Leaf Organic

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Botanical Name: Juglans regia

From ancient times through the nineteenth century herbalists prescribed the walnut, the bark, the roots, and the leaves as an astringent, a laxative, a styptic to stop bleeding, a vermifuge to expel worms or parasites, and a hepatic to tone the liver. The walnut tea served to induce sweating, cure diarrhea, soothe sore gums and skin diseases, cure herpes, and relieve inflamed tonsils. The hulls were boiled and used to treat head and body lice, herpes, intestinal parasites and worms, skin diseases, and liver ailments. The leaf was decocted to cure boils, eczema, hives, ulcers, and sores. It has been shown that daily intake of walnut leaf infusion stimulates the thyroid gland and is of benefit in hypothyroidism. 

The bark and leaves are traditionally used as astringent, laxative, and vermifuge. Especially useful in the treatment of skin diseases, black walnut is of the highest value in clearing skin problems.  An infusion of the bark was used to treat diarrhea and also to stop the production of milk, though a strong infusion can be emetic. 



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