Gymnema Fluid Extract

Gymnema Fluid Extract

From $20.55 / bottle(s)
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Description: Gymnema sylvestre leaf 1:1 extract. The leaves of the Gymnema sylv. plant are well known as a traditional ayurvedic medicine.   

Health Benefits of Gymnema leaf extract: May help you fight sugar cravings and lower high blood sugar levels.

The plant may also play a beneficial role in diabetes treatment, as it may help stimulate insulin secretion and the regeneration of pancreas islet cells — both of which can help lower blood sugar.

​Recommended dose: 25-30 drops in a little water three times a day, before meals.

Caution: Herbal extracts may interact with prescription drugs and enhance their effects. Do not take with blood thinners without consulting your health practitioner first. For more information about this product or to arrange for consultation, please contact our practitioners.

Clinical Evidence  References:  Gymnema Sylvestre for Diabetes: From Traditional Herb to Future's Therapeutic




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