Gymnema Leaf Cert. Organic

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Gymnema Leaf, Gymnema sylvestre, Certified Organic

The leaves Gymnema sylvestre are highly valued is traditional ayurvedic medicine for diabetes.

Compounds in the Gymnema leaf stimulate insulin secretion and support the regeneration of pancreas islet cells, both of which can lead to lower blood sugar levels. Gymnema may also help inthe control of sugar cravings.

For best results, drink the tea or use the extract in combination with other herbs with similar and overall beneficial effects on blood sugar, circulation, and vision, such as cinnamon, dandelion, bitter melon, bilberry,  as in our Diabetes blend formula (Syzygium complex) .For more information or to arrange for consultation, please contact Newtons pharmacy.

Clinical evidence reference: Gymnema Sylvestre for Diabetes: From Traditional Herb to Future's Therapeutic


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