Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)

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Pure Dimethyl Sulphoxide (DMSO) 


Dimethylsulfoxid.svgDimethyl sulphoxide, or DMSO, is an organosulfur compound and a synthetic solvent with applications in many industries. It is also used for preservation of biological products (stem cells) and as a non-harmful paint stripping agent.

DMSO is commonly used in veterinary medicine as a liniment for horses, alone or in combination with other ingredients. In the latter case, often, the intended function of the DMSO is as a solvent, to carry the other ingredients across the skin. Also in horses, DMSO is used intravenously, again alone or in combination with other drugs. It is used alone for the treatment of increased intracranial pressure and/or cerebral edema in horses.

DMSO was the first nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory discovered since aspirin. DMSO reduces inflammation by several mechanisms. It is an antioxidant, a scavenger of the free radicals that gather at the site of injury. Studies have shown DMSO helps relieve the pain in inflammatory conditions, including rheumatoid arthitis, and that DMSO is of major benefit in scleroderma, as it has softening effect on collagen. DMSO has wide application range in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, as it quickly penetrates the skin, thus facilitating the absorbption of other topical therapeutic agents. 

DMSO has unpleasant garlic-like odor and some have reported garlic taste in the mouth following topical DMSO applications. This led to further processing and purification techniques and the recent emergence of the most pure odor-free grade recommended for therapeutic use.

DMSO for human therapeutic use is now a prescription only medicine. Please e-mail or fax your prescription to us prior ordering. 


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