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Thuja 10% Extract Ointment in anolin and Beeswax Base

This Thuja Ointment contains 10% of Thuja occidentalis (Tree of Life) extract in a natural Lanolin and Beeswax base. Apply two to three times a day.

Historical Information:

Thuja is a general term for trees of the genus Thuja, which belongs to the cedar family. The most common species in North America are Thuja occidentalis, also known as arbor vitae or tree of life.

The healing properties of the cedar trees have been known and used by many cultures, including the American Indians, the traditional Chinese, Japanese and Ayuirvedic healers. The most common traditional use of Thuja is its application on warts and skin tumours. The beneficial properies of thuja in the presence of warts and other skin growths are due, to some extent, to antiviral activity, recently proven by evidence. A group of German researchers reported in 2002 that an extract prepared from cedar leaf, alcohol, and water inhibits the reproduction of influenza virus type A, while a team of researchers in Japan found that an extract of Western red cedar was effective in treating eczema. Lastly, another group of Japanese researchers reported in 2003 that several compounds isolated from the stem bark of Japanese cedar appear to have significant antitumor activity.

Traditional Appications:

Most commonly, Thuja ointment is applied on warts and skin tags. Recent research suggests that the beneficial properies of thuja in the presence of warts and other skin growths may be due to the antiviral activity of it's compounds.

Please Note: The difference between a cream and ointment is in the texture and properties of the base. Ointments are more oily, do not get absorbed quickly, and remain on the skin surface for hours. Ointments are best for superficial growths limited to the top layer of the skin. Creams are water based emulsions which penetrate deeper and get absorbed quickly. Creams are best for conditions involving the deeper layers of the skin. When it comes to warts and tags, the ointment is usually more appropriate than the cream, but this really depends on the depth of the particular growth. If unsure, use the cream first, then the ointment a few minutes later, two to three times a day.



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