Liver and Gall Bladder 50 caps

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Tried, safe, and tested herbal formula, used traditionally to stimulate the liver and aid in the elimination of toxins.


Recommended for habitual constipation, liver detox and sluggish digestion.


Each capsules contains the following powder extracts: 

Aloe ferox       150mg 

Rhubarb           40mg 

Licorice            40mg 

Fennel seeds    230mg.

Each capsule contains extracts of: 

Aloe Ferox 150mg, Rhubarb 40mg, Licorice 40mg, and Fennel seeds 230mg, in a gelatine capsule shell.

Recommended Dose: One to two capsules at night when needed. Do not take on daily basis. 


Not recommended for children under 12. Do not take more than the recommended dose or over extended periods of time, as prolonged use may lead to bowel problems.

Disclaimer: This is a compounded product, not registered by TGA, based on traditional herbalism and made fresh on request.




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