Coffee and Enema Kit

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A portable 2L enema kit supplied with a pack of 250 gram of fine organic coffee and detailed instructions how to use.

By using a coffee enema, the caffeine in the coffee enters the hemorrhoidal vein taking the caffeine up to the liver and dilating the bile duct expelling toxic bile into the small intestine and eliminating it through the large intestine. When all the coffee has been absorbed into the bowel and the catheter removed, the coffee should be held for 12-15 minutes before evacuating. This allows your blood time to travel through your liver up to 5 times allowing your liver to continually dump toxins. The increased elimination of toxins through the bowel may help relieve headaches caused by sluggish liver and constipation, and may increase energy and alertness.

The benefits of this kit are: Easy to handle, great for travelling, folds away. Holds up to 2 litres. Gravity fed system. On/Off valve (not clamp). Easy to clean. Contains everything you need to do an enema. Durable strong plastic. Will last for years with proper care. It comes with detailed instructions and a container of Sacred Grounds or similar organic coffee.

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