Mugwort Extract

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Description:  Alcoholic Extract of Mugwort, Artemisia Vulgaris, in Ethanol and Purified Water.

Additional Information: 

Mugwort has long history of traditional medicinal use and is well known in both TCM and European Herbalis. As it is the case with most herbs, there are not many clinical studies to back up the efficiency or safety of using mugwort formulations as medicine. The most common traditional uses of Mugwort are listed below:

  1. As an emmenagogue, to promote regular menstrual cycles (trigger delayed period) in PCOS and related conditions. It is commonly blended with other herbal extracts as in Newtons Mugwort Complex Drops.
  2. As a bitter and tonic, to stimulate the appetite, the flow of digestive juices and bile, and hense improve digestion and support the liver function.
  3. To expel worms.
  4. To increasing urine output (for fluid retention).

Comon Method of Use: Tea Infusion or extract (under professional supervision).

Caution: Do not use for infants or in pregnancy or during lactation. Do not use if allergic to daisies or other plants of the Astericae family (including sunflowers, marigolds, chicory, thistle, burdock, artichoke, stevia, lettuce)


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