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What is Nuvexa used for?

Nuvexa is recommended for men and women who, along with healthy lifestyle changes, need a helping hand to maintain healthy cholesterol.

Is Nuvexa right for you?

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, Nuvexa may be able to help you maintain healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

  • Has your GP or pharmacist told you to look after your cholesterol?

  • Have you struggled to maintain healthy cholesterol with diet & lifestyle alone?

Plus, if any of the following risk factors apply to you, Nuvexa may be of benefit.

  • Do you have a family history of poor health? A family history of poor heart health including excess weight may increase your likelihood of developing irregular cholesterol levels.

  • Are you a smoker? Smoking may increase the amount of LDL cholesterol being deposited in your artery walls where it may cause damage.

Safety & efficacy

With over a decade of scientific research, FBCx has established its effectiveness and safety profile. Nuvexa is well tolerated when taken as directed and has no known drug interactions.

And with the Flordis reputation for quality and consistency, you can be reassured you’re taking a proven medicine which may help you maintain your healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Nuvexa's unique formulation

Nuvexa contains the patented active ingredient FBCx, which stands for ‘Fat Binding Complexer’, a naturally sourced fibre also known as alpha-cyclodextrin (alfadex).


When taken with a fatty meal or snack, Nuvexa surrounds and binds with dietary fats when they enter the stomach, preventing their digestion and absorption. This fat-containing ‘complex’ is then passed naturally.5

Nuvexa has been shown to bind up to 9 times its own weight in dietary fat.6 This can help reduce up to 54g (equivalent to 2,036 kJ or 486 calories) of dietary fat from being absorbed by your body each day.4

That’s equal to more than 11 teaspoons of dietary fat every day.6,7

Directions & dosage

Adults: Take 2 tablets with a meal or snack, 3 times a day. Not recommended to be taken with meals or snacks low in fat.

If you’re on a low fat diet consult your healthcare professional.

As Nuvexa contains dietary fibre, ensure you have an adequate intake of water when taking Nuvexa.

Nuvexa is well tolerated, however it may cause gastrointestinal upset if the recommended dosage is exceeded.

Caution: This product may interact with some prescription medicines or may be inappropriate to take in certain medical condition - please call our naturopaths for advice if unsure prior purchasing online.

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