Andrographis Organic

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Description: Dried fruit of organic Andrographis paniculata. Status: Organic

Common names: Andrographolide, Bhunimba, Bidara, Carmantina, Carmantine, Chiretta, Chirette Verte, Chirreta, Chuan Xin Lian, Chuanxinlian, Chuan Xin Lin, Fa-Tha-Lai-Jone, Fa-Tha-Lai-Jone, Gubak, Herba Andrographitis, Indian Echinacea, Justicia paniculata, Justicie, Kalamegha, Kalmegh, Kalmegha, Kariyat, King of Bitters, Kirta, Mahalita, Nabin Chanvandi, Poogiphalam, Roi des Amers, Sadilata, Sambilata, Shivaphala, Supari, Takila, Vizra Ufar, Yavatikta. 

Warnings: Please see quote from TGA documentation below:

"On review of literature based on traditional use of A.paniculata, no cautions or contraindications were identified that referred to the potential for this herb to cause allergic reactions. However, literature sources based on current use of A.paniculata recommend to avoid this herb in cases of known allergy or hypersensitivity to products that contain A.paniculata or its constituents, or to plants of the Acanthaceae family"

Historical  and Traditional Use:

Andrographis is an ancient medicinal herb with an extensive history in Asia.

In traditional medicine, Andrographis paniculata is believed to have potent antiviral qualities of benefit in preventing and fighting the influenza viruses.

It has been used for centuries for upper respiratory infections, fever, herpes, sore throat, and a variety of other chronic and infectious diseases.

In Scandinavian countries, it is still commonly used to prevent and treat the common cold. There have been conclusive studies of its use against a variety of bacterial and viral diseases, in rheumatism and ulcerative colitis.





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