Crampbark, Organic

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Description: Cut bark of Viburnum opulus (Crampbark).

Status: Organic

Country of Origin: USA

Traditional Use and Recognition: Viburnum opulus monograph features in both the British and the USA Herbal Pharmacopoeas. Traditional use is predominately in Northern America and Canada, where it was used by native Americans as an anti-abortive, to remedy uterine prolapse, and as a spasmolytic for cramping pains in all parts of the body. 

Furthermore, Cramp Bark was used by Eclectic practitioners of the 19th century for all types of cramping. Indications included period cramps, threatened miscarriage, skeletal muscle cramping, spasm of the bladder and more. It was used interchangeably with Viburnum prunifolium (Black Haw), but was considered more specific to the uterus in its action and a more potent antispasmodic.

Modern Use: The lack of evidence based trials and studies on the safety of Viburnum opulus formulations limits its use, in spite of the efficacy of this herb in relieving muscle cramps and the associated pain. It is mostly prescribed for uterine cramps and  skeletal muscle cramping, particularly of the legs and back.

Recommended Dose: 1 teaspoons to be boiled as decoction once to three times daily, when needed to relieve uterine or sceletal muscle cramps and related pain.

Contra-indications and CautionsCaution is advised where there is known allergy to other members of the Caprifoliaceae family, or where there have been previous hypersensitivity reactions to cramp bark.

Information regarding cramp bark safety in pregnancy and lactation is currently unavailable, therefore avoid use in pregnant or lactating women.


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