TH3 Plus 150

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TH3 Plus 150 capsules

Custom made capsules in accordance with your prescription and the original KH3 formulation.

Active Ingredients:  

  • Procaine Hydrochloride 50mg,
  • Hematoporphyrine 2mg,
  • Magnesium carbonate 30mg
  • Sodium phosphate 0.6mg .

Side Effects - KH3 is very well tolerated and side effects are rare even when taken every day. There have been a few cases of heartburn and headache which dissipate when treatment is terminated.

Contraindications - KH3 should not be taken by children, lactating or pregnant women or if you are allergic to procaine.

Drug Interactions - KH3 should not be taken with sulphonamide drugs as it inhibits their action.

For more information, please contact us and refer to your doctor. You may find a list of integrative practitioners here.




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Practitioner or Prescription Only Product
  • Prescription only

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