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TH3 delivers the same active ingredients as the anti-ageing KH3 formulation and has similar effects. PABA is essential for certain cellular reactions such as the creation of folic acid. DEAE has a tonic effect on the heart and circulation and has been used in the treatment of senility and mild depression. TH3 may help stimulate alerness and concentration and help delay the onset of senility.Please note that no studies have been carried out to prove if TH3 is beneficial in the fight against aging and senility.

Dose - Take one to two capsules daily before breakfast. Treatment should be continued for 5 months, after which a break of 2 to 4 weeks can be used to judge its effectiveness. For long lasting effects the treatment should be repeated several times. Elderly people should take it every day. It is well tolerated and safe to take for long periods of time.

Side Effects - KH3 is very well tolerated and side effects are rare even when taken every day. There have been a few cases of heartburn and headache which dissipate when treatment is terminated.

Contraindications - KH3 should not be taken by children, lactating or pregnant women or if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Drug Interactions - KH3 should not be taken with sulphonamide drugs as it inhibits their action.


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