Sodium Sulphate Glauber's Salts

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Natural Crystalline Sodium Sulphate (Sulfate) Decahydrate Food Grade/FCC , 99+% Pure Specification

Sodium sulfate is the sodium salt of sulfuric acid. Dived from natural crystalline deposits or salt lakes in the USA.

The name Glauber's salts (Glauber salts, Glaubersalz) was given to this chemical after it's discovery in Austrian spring waters by Dutch/German chemist and apothecary Johann Rudolf Glauber (1604–1670). Due to its medicinal properties, he named it sal mirabilis (miraculous salt).

Glauber salts were used traditionally as a general laxative until the 1900's.

At dietary levels, excretion is mainly in the urine. Sulfates are found in all body cells, with the highest concentrations in connective tissues, bone, and cartilage. Sulfates play a role in several important metabolic pathways, including those involved in detoxification processes.

Sodium sulphate is an important compound with numerous applications in a range of industries, including food, glass, and the pharmaceutical industries.

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