Hypercal Tincture

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Description: An Equal Parts Blend of Hypericum and Calendula Mother Tinctures, Organic Plant Tincture.

Traditional Use: Hypercal tincture is used as a natural organic antiseptic healer and has historically been used wherever nerves were affected.  It is thought to favour clean healing of deeper tissue and is therefore preferred to Calendula alone in such wounds. Hypercal is frequently recommended for pregnant ladies and new mums for wound healing, torn and sore tissues after episiotomies and caesarian. It is used diluted in warm water, on a pad, for the perineal tissues after childbirth. Alternatively a tablespoon of neat tincture can be added to a shallow bath.

Disclaimer: The above information if based on the traditional uses of these herbs and it is provided for education only. This product is not listed on RTGA and has no therapeutic claims.


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