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Golden Rod Aerials, Solidago virgaurea, Certified Organic

Traditional Knowledge:

Goldenrod, as a tea or extract, is most beneficial in cystitis, prostate inflammation, kidney infection and for flushing out kidney and bladder stones. The diuretic action can help to flush away bacteria and small stones. The anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic actions can help to sooth irritated tissue in the urinary tract, but something else seems to be involved in reducing and even preventing stones. The tea is of great benefit when given to children with gastroenteritis. Mild with a slightly bitter aftertaste, Goldenrod tea tastes good with just a bit of honey. The tea is of great benefit when given for gastroenteritis. 

The tea should be drunk between meals. As a gargle, golden rod may be effective in laryngitis and may be applied externally to promote the healing of wounds. The tea is also used as a mouthwash for oral thrush or as douche solution.

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