Newton's Floral Waters

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Flower (Floral) Waters

Floral waters are waters that have been infused with the pure essential oils of various flowers. Newton's floral waters are stronger than most and suitable for both cosmetic and culinary use. Below are the main properties of each flower water.

  • LAVENDER FLOWER WATER: Lavender water is one of the more relaxing and balancing flower waters, ideal for oily and combination skin and an excellent coolant for minor burns and rashes. 
  • PEPPERMINT FLOWER WATER: Primes the skin after cleansing, helping to calm irritated, inflamed and blemished complexions this cooling, revitalising herbal water instantly soothes, awakens the senses.
  • JASMINE FLOWER WATER: Is suitable as a tonic for dry and mature skin and as an uplifting and aphrodisiac spritzer.
  • ROSE FLOWER WATER: Our Rose water is made from the Tea Rose oil and used for its soothing and mildly astringent properties as a gentle face tonic.
  • ORANGE FLOWER (Neroli) WATER: Non-irritant skin tonic for sensitive, dry or damaged skin, safe to use when irritation and redness are present. Orange flower water acts on cellular level, stimulating the elimination of old cells and growth.
  • WITCH HAZEL WATER: Much stronger astringent than Rose Water and it is used more sparingly. Well known for its astringent and antiseptic effects, it soothes and rejuvenates the skin, reducing the size of the pores.
  • TEA TREE WATER: Useful for fungal skin infections, bites, stings and cuts. 

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