Meadowsweet Extract

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Fluid Extract of Meadowsweet in ethanol (65%) and water, available to practitioners, on prescription, or following consultation. Please contact the pharmacy for more information.

Latin Name: Filipendula ulmaria

Common Names: Bridewort, Meadow Queen, Meadow Wort, Pride of the Meadow, Queen of the Meadow, Lady of the Meadow, Dollof, Meadsweet

Parts Used: Aerial Parts

Origin: North/Central Asia and Europe

Active Constituents: Volatile oil containing salicylaldehyde, phenolic glycosides (including spiraein, monotropin and gaultherin), mucilage, flavonoids, tannins, vitamins.

Traditional Use and Health Benefits:

  1. Meadowsweet is used in the traditional treatment of heartburn, hyperacidity, gastritis and peptic ulceration.The tea and extracts may soothe and protect the mucous membranes of the digestive tract and stomach lining whilst reducing acidity. Studies have found that Meadowsweet can also promote the healing of chronic ulcers and prevent lesions from developing in the stomach.  The gentle astringency of the tea is useful in managing diarrhoea, especially in children. 
  2. Meadowsweet extract contain salicylates with anti-inflammatory properties. The anti-inflammatory action of these salicylates makes Meadowsweet effective against rheumatic pain, while its tannin and mucilage content appear to buffer the adverse effects of isolated salicylates which can otherwise cause cause gastric irritation.

Recommended Dose: 20 drops in a little water three times a day.

Warnings: Not suitable for those allergic to aspirin and salicylic acid.  Not recommended for use if on warfarin. Check prior use if on prescription medicines.


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