Vegetable Juice 500ml

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Biotta Vegetable Juice is seasoned with only a pinch of sea salt and some herbs, freshly harvested tomato, carrot, celeriac and beetroot juice are expertly blended to make Biotta’s delicious Vegetable Cocktail. The organic juice is not only tasty, but nutritious too and is packed full of antioxidants. Antioxidants can help to protect cells, for example, those of the immune1 or cardiovascular system2, from oxidative stress by the effects of damaging free radicals.The juice is partially lacto-fermented (minus the tomato juice) which helps support the production of naturally-occurring, gut-friendly L+ lactic acid. 

Recommended serving size
In order to support your health naturally, the recommended serving size of Biotta juice is 100ml per day.

Use in pregnancy, breastfeeding and for children
Biotta juices are safe to use in pregnancy, whilst breastfeeding and as part of healthy diet and lifestyle for children.

Side effects
Although generally relatively low in sugar, vegetable juices lack fibre which helps slow the release of naturally-occurring sugars into the system. Those with diabetes should be prepared to take the natural sugar content of vegetable juices into account.


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