Cranberry Juice 500ml

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Biotta Wild Mountain Cranberry Juice 500ml

Developed in conjunction with the Centre for Bladder Research within a hospital in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, naturally tart, handpicked mountain cranberries are freshly squeezed and expertly blended with a birch leaf infusion and a touch of agave nectar allowing for the unique, refreshing taste of Biotta Wild Mountain Cranberry Juice to support Bladder Health. 

Recommended serving size
In order to support your health naturally, the recommended serving size of Biotta juice is 100ml per day.

Use in pregnancy, breastfeeding and for children
Biotta juices are safe to use in pregnancy, whilst breastfeeding and as part of healthy diet and lifestyle for children.

Side effects
If you are taking Warfarin, please speak to your doctor before taking Cranberry Juice.

Wild Mountain Cranberry Juice contains agave nectar which is a source of natural sugar. Those with diabetes should be prepared to take the sugar content of this juice into account.


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