Sodium Bicarbonate

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Pure Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) Pharmaceutical Grade, Aluminium Free


Sodium Bicarbonate is a white, crystalline powder. It is a weakly basic ingredient with a solution pH of between 8-9.  This is quite alkali and drying for the skin if applied directly but is not strong enough for it to be an effective pH adjusting agent in most formulations - too much needs to be added to a formula to increase its pH. 


As an absorbent in cosmetic products and a water softener in rinses.

Bath bombs - in a bath bomb the sodium bicarbonate reacts with citric acid to form carbon dioxide (gas) plus water.  The gas production is what causes the fizzing.   The reaction between these two chemicals is a 1:1 reaction meaning that in theory equal amounts of bicarbonate is used to citric but in reality many people find it best to have the citric in excess/

Deodorants/ Deodorisers -  Sodium Bicarbonate is a great additive to a deodorising formula as it has some potential to adsorb and neutralise aromas.   Bicarb is often used in home-made deodorant pastes and shoe sprays.

Solubility:  It is possible to make a 10% solution of bicarb in water at room temp (25C) but beyond that the bicarb will precipitate out, especially in colder temperatures.


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