Broom flowering tops extract 1:1

Broom flowering tops extract 1:1

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Botanical Name: Cytisus scoparius

Also known as Scotch Broom, Scoparium, Basam, or Hogweed.                

General information: Broom, together with Convalaria or Lily of the Valley, is valued traditional medicine for some specific heart conditions. It is believed to slow down and help regulate fast and irregular heart beat (palpitations) and act herbal diuretic.Main traditional uses: in conditions of fast and irregular heart beat or palpitations, associated with fluid retention and to facilitate child birth, as it contracts the uterine muscles and helps reduce blood loss.

Warning: Broom slows down the heart and raises the blood pressure. Broom is unsafe to take unless under the supervision of qualified and experienced health practitioner.

More than 20g of Broom may have poisonous effect. Do not take if breast feeding or in pregnancy as it may cause miscarriage.                                                                                   

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