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Loose Tea, Botanical Name: Lobelia inflata; Organic Status: Conventional; Country of Origin: India; Plant Part: Aerials;

Pharmacological action: Lobelia is considered to be a stimulant to the respiratory system and one of the best expectorant and anti-spasmodic herbs for bronchitis, whooping cough and emphysema. 

Indications for stimulating expectorants

•Cough linked to bronchial congestion, especially where mucus is thick and tenacious or where there is unproductive cough

•Bronchitis, emphysema.

Warning: Due to irritant gastric effect, it is not recommended for use for children or where asthma may be triggered by cough. Must be used in small quantities and in combination with other respiratory herbs, since overdose may result in toxicity. 

Recommended Use: Boil the herb for 20 minutes, then strain. Do not use more than 15-20 gram a day.

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