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Description: Graviola (Annona muriatica)  500mg, 100 vegecaps

Each capsule contains nothing else but 500mg of pure Graviola powder (Annona muriatica).

Additional Information: The Graviola tree can be found in the rain forests of Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia. It is also known as custard apple, cherimoya, guanabana, soursop and brazilian paw paw.

Traditional Use: Practitioners of herbal medicine have been using the graviola leaves to bring down blood pressure and slow down fast heart beat, to treat parasitic infections and rheumatism. 

There is ongoing research into the potential for use of Graviola in a variety of other health conditions.

Graviola tea can be easily made by boiling the powder and filtering the infusion.


  • Graviola has demonstrated uterine stimulant activity in an animal study (rats) and should therefore not be used during pregnancy. 
  • Large doses may cause nausea and vomiting. Do not use in pregnancy or lactation, or in the presence of liver, or kidney disease.
  • Do not take in combination with Coenzyme Q10 supplements.  
  • Graviola has demonstrated hypotensive, vasodilator, and cardiodepressant activities in animal studies and is contraindicated for people with low blood pressure. People taking antihypertensive drugs should check with their doctors before taking graviola and monitor their blood pressure accordingly (as medications may need adjusting). Graviola has also demonstrated significant in vitro antimicrobial properties. Chronic, long-term use of this plant may lead to die-off of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract due to its antimicrobial properties. Supplementing the diet with probiotics and digestive enzymes is advisable.





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