Hops Extract

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Wholistic Extract of hops' flowering tops, Humulus lupulus L.  

Hops, or humulus lupulus, is most widely known for its use as a bittering agent in beer. H. lupulus originates in Europe, and the major crops are produced in the United States, Germany, England, and Czech Republic (Snyder & Conway, 2008).

Hops extracts have a long-standing history as a CAM treatment for insomnia. Its potential use as a CAM treatment was discovered when hop harvesters reported feeling sleepy after they harvested the flowers. Hops extracts are primarily used to calm down the nerves, for restlessness, irritability, anxiety, nervous tension, and disordered sleep. Currently, hops extract is listed ingredient of many over-the-counter supplements, but the dosage and any additional ingredients in the supplement can vary dramatically.

Hops is rarely used as a single-herb preparation and is usually combined with valerian, lemon balm, passion flower, skullcap, and/or kava.

Chemistry: Hops consists of over 100 different compounds, making the exact compound responsible for its sedative effects difficult to determine. In addition, it contains bitter acids, strong phytoestrogens and bactericidal constituents,  such as humulone, lupulone, and xanthohumol, active against P. acnes.

Evidence based use: 

The German Commission E Monographs listed hops as an approved remedy for insomnia. More recent findings have shown a modest hypnotic effect of a valerian-hops combination in treating adult insomnia.

Hops are believed to have antispasmodic properties that can help reduce muscle tension and promote relaxation.

Due to its phytoestrogenic compounds, hops offers additional benefits for relief from the symptoms of nervous tension, irritability, hot flushes and others experienced by some during menopause.

Recommended dose: 20-40 drops at bedtime and as needed.

Caution: Do not take if allergic to hops. Hops may increase the effect of other sedating drugs or supplements . Check before taling with other prescription drugs.


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