Guarana Seed Powder 100g

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Guarana, Paulina cupana Seed Powder 100 grams, organic, imported from Peru.

There are many effects when you consume Guarana, most of them positive.

It has been shown through clinical studies that Guarana can improve memory and alertness. As a herbal stimulant and a tonic, it also improves a person's mood. One of the more popular clinical studies done on Guarana showed strong positive effects after a dosage of just 75 mg. The biggest advantage - and one that most people aren't aware of - is that it can help weight loss. In a 45-week study, people who consumed 75 mg of Guarana per day lost an average of 11 lbs. This is thought to be because it can make you feel full therefore reducing your appetite. 

Caution: Guarana seeds are not recommended in heart disease or palpitations, as caffeine speeds up the heart and may increase the blood pressure as well.

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