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Herbal tonic, made up on request, based on the effects of well known stimmulant and adaptogenic herbs with selected vitamins and minerals to support the nerves, muscles, and overall well being.

Recommended when in need of  an energy boost, or a little help to maintain alertness, motivation, and concentration during times of physical challenges and intense learning.


A blend of adaptogenic and stimulating herbal extracts: Siberian Ginseng, Kola Nut, Guarana and Gingko Extracts, organic iron and calcium, vitamin B complex and liver extract. 

Adults Dose :

10-15 ml three times a day with meals, as needed.


Not recommended for long term use. Not recommended for children under 12, in pregnancy, or in the presence of cardiovascular disease.

Please ask our pharmacist or your doctor if suitable for you prior purchase.



Product Note Price
Alfalfa Tonic Alfalfa Tonic
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Rhodiola Extract Rhodiola Extract
From $26.25 / bottle(s) *
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