Amla Powder Cert. Organic

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Description: Amla (Emblica officinalis, Phyllanthus emblica, Indian gooseberry) Fruit Powder, 250 grams

Ingredients: 100% powder of Emblica officinalis, Certified Organic.

Additional Information: Emblica officinalis or Phyllanthus emblica, commonly known as Indian gooseberry or amla, is arguably the most important medicinal plant in the Indian traditional system of medicine, the Ayurveda. Various parts of the plant are used to treat a range of diseases, but the most important is the fruit. 

Cosmetic Use:

Regular use provides nourishment to hair and keeps it glossy and silky. Amla is also an excellent exfoliant as it contains high levels of ascorbic acid which break up the top layer of dead skin cells.

To use as a hair conditioner, mix some Amla powder with water to form a paste and then smooth over hair. Rinse well. For deep conditioning, leave on for about 5 minutes before rinsing.

For brunette tones: Mix Amla powder with Henna & Indigo mix to make a deeper brunette color when dyeing grey hair.

Use as an exfoliant: Amla is a natural and excellent exfoliant and astringent scrub. Mix a spoonful of Amla powder and enough warm water to make a thick paste. Scrub on face or body and rinse.


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