Flordis Agiofibe 250 gm

Flordis Agiofibe 250 gm

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What is Agiofibe used for?

Adequate dietary fibre is important for maintaining healthy digestion and regular bowel function. A healthy, balanced diet is made up of predominately insoluble fibre (vegetables, seeds, grains, etc). The ratio of fibres found in Agiofibe has been specially formulated to match this – consisting of mostly insoluble fibre, with a small amount of soluble fibre.

The unique balance of fibres found in Agiofibe is important, as it supports regular bowel function and helps to reduce uncomfortable symptoms, such as bloating and flatulence.

Experts suggest that we do not consume enough fibre in the average Australian diet, and may require up to 5-10g per day more than we currently get.

Safety & efficacy

Agiofibe is a high quality dietary fibre supplement that is used worldwide to support healthy digestion. Agiofibe granules contain psyllium, which has been shown to maintain bowel and digestive health.

Agiofibe's unique formulation

Agiofibe contains a combination of insoluble and soluble fibres that’s close to what is found in a healthy, balanced diet.

Each dose of Agiofibe provides 5g of dietary fibre in easily dispensed granules.

Directions & dosage

Adults and children 10 years and over: 2 teaspoon or 1-2 sachets each evening, followed by a glass of water. If required, an additional dose can be taken in the morning.

Agiofibe granules are coated, making them easy to swallow and preventing inhalation of psyllium dust. These must not be chewed, but swallowed whole or mixed into yoghurt.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, it is important to speak with a healthcare professional.


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