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Dried, Organic, Loose Aerials of Vervain, Verbena officinalis
A sacred, protective and purifying plant for the Druids, Romans, and Egyptians, vervain has been used as a medicinal plant and cure for all ailments since ancient times.
It is a traditional remedy for infected gums and tooth decay, halitosis and tonsillitis. This is supported by the discovery that the glycoside verbenin has a direct effect on glandular secretions, suggesting an effect on the production of saliva. 
Vervain increases the flow of secretions in both the respiratory and digestive systems and has direct muscle relaxing effect and nervine active ingredients. Vervain is known to be of benefit in mouth and throat infections and conditions of mucus congestion and catarrh, such as bronchitis and whooping cough. It is used as a relaxant and antispasmodic remedy in asthma, migraine, nervous coughing, insomnia and mild depression, following illness.
As a diaphoretic, the herb is indicated in the early stages of fever. 
Verbena is used to treat hormonal disorders by Chinese traditional healers and is known to stimulate contractions of the uterus. Do not use in pregnancy.
Vervain is also a bitter herb, stimulating the flow of digestive juices, thus aiding digestion. Vervain tea is recommended as a natural alternative for nerves and anxiety, as it has mild calming and relaxing effect.
Vervain is believed to act as an aphrodisiac as well.

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