Rewarewa New Zealand Honey

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The Specialty honey is a natural extension of the Watson & Son Black Label Manuka Honey Range, offering the same hihgh quality , pure 100% New Zealand honey in a unique everyday flavour. Rich, malty caramel flavours and deep amber coloured,  this is a refined honey sourced from the red flowers of the Rewarewa ( native honeysuckle)  tree. The Specialty Honey range is perfect for use on muesli or toast, in smoothies, in tea hot lemon or just by his own


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Lavender Flowers Organic Lavender Flowers Organic
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Rosehips Shells Organic Rosehips Shells Organic
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Chamomile Flower Organic Chamomile Flower Organic
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Lemon Balm Organic Lemon Balm Organic
From $11.95 / pack(s) *
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