Resveratrol Juice 500 mL

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Nature's Goodness Resveratrol Juice (Red Grape Antioxidants) 500ml
Each 25mL contains 50mg resveratrol equivalent to 4.5L (6 bottles) of red wine.

What is Resveratrol?
Resveratrol is a polyhenol found in grapes and other fruits. It plays an important role in a plant’s defensive system. Red grape skin is a particularly rich source of resveratrol. Anti-oxidants are an important component of good
nutrition and a healthy diet. Antioxidants help reduce the effect of oxidative stress and free radicals.

Red grape concentrate, wild rosella extract, red grape skin extract, green tea extract, natural flavour, citric acid (food acid), grape seed extract, sodium benzoate (preservative).

t-Resveratrol Juice is a synergistic blend of antioxidants, including:

  • Grape Skin Extract - rich in t-resveratrol and proanthocyanidins
  • Grape Seed Extract - rich source of proanthocyanidins
  • Green Tea - high in catechins - polyphenol anti-oxidant bioflavonoids
  • Wild Rosella - high in anthocyanins - powerful anti-oxidant protection from free radicals

Serving Suggestion:
Drink 25mL once or twice a day with your favourite fruit, or add a pinch of salt to add zest to the flavour.
Dilute with water if desired.

Store Resveratrol Juice below 30°C. Shake well before use. Keep refrigerated
after opening. Best consumed within 30 days of opening.

Made in Australia with local and imported products.



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