Phosphorus Tincture

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Keynotes: Right Sided Complaints
Skin- hard to heal when injuried
Sensitive to stress, environment

Useful for: Key Symptoms:
Fearful, especially of the dark, ghosts
BLEEDING Profuse bleeding anywhere
Usually bright red
Dental hemorrhage
Postoperative bleeding
PALLOR Pale, sickly complexion
May have circumscribed redness in one or both cheeks
Often appears less ill than really is
HOARSENESS May lose voice
LARYNGITIS Painful on speaking
Throat raw, sore, furry
Violent tickling in throat while speaking;
sore throat from overuse
COLDS Descend into chest
COUGHS Hard, dry, tickling cough
Racking cough with trembling
Cough increases when talking or breathing cold air
Cough hurts throat
Sensation of heavy weight in chest
Burning pains in stomach and bowels
Night sweats
INDIGESTION Weak, empty, gone sensation in whole abdominal cavity
Craves cold food & drink
Pain in stomach, relieved by cold food & ices
Regurgitates mouthfuls
NAUSEA From placing hands in warm water
Nausea of pregnancy
VOMITING Of food scarcely swallowed
Vomits as soon as water becomes warm in stomach
Sour taste and belching
DIARRHEA Painless, profuse, debilitating
Watery, "pouring away as if from a hydrant"
Morning diarrhea of old people
Chronic loose stool
CONSTIPATION Stool slender, long, hard, difficult to pass, like a dog's stool
Better from: Open air, Rubbing, Cold food or drink
Worse from: Lying on painful side, Physical or mental exertion,
Thunderstorms , Change of weather,
Getting wet in hot weather, Warm food, Touch,
Craves open air
Thirstless with nearly all complaints


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