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Description: Loose tea of Mistletoe leaves, Viscum album.

Traditional Use: Mistletoe is chiefly used to lower blood pressure and heart rate, ease anxiety, and promote sleep. Mistletoe may help panic attacks, headaches, and improves concentration.

European mistletoe is also prescribed for tinnitus and epilepsy.

Clinical Studies: 

Mistletoe holds interest as a potential anticancer agent because extracts derived from it have been shown to kill cancer cells and to stimulate immune system cells both in vitro and in vivo. Two components of mistletoe, namely viscotoxins and lectins, may be responsible for these effects. Viscotoxins are small proteins that exhibit cell-killing activity and possible immune-system-stimulating activity.Lectins are complex molecules made of both protein and carbohydrates that are capable of binding to the outside of cells (e.g., immune system cells) and inducing biochemical changes in them. In view of mistletoe's ability to stimulate the immune system, it has been classified as a type of biological response modifier. RPreparations from mistletoe extracts are most frequently used in the treatment of cancer patients in German-speaking countries.

Warnings: If ingested, Mistletoe leaves are poisonous. Not recommended to use in pregnancy or while on blood thinning drugs or for 2 weeks prior surgery.


Mistletoe Extracts (PDQ®): Complementary and alternative medicine - Health Professional Information [NCI] American Cancer Research Institute    http://cancer.gov 


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