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Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and a vital building block of our skin, bones, muscles & tendons. With age, the production of collagen by our body decreases, which makes it important to take collagen supplements.

Morlife Marine Collagen is a convenient, unflavoured, colourless & odourless way to get your burst of collagen goodness every day & nourish the appearance of your skin from the inside out. Plus our Hydrolysed Collagen has superior absorption, due to its small peptide sizes. It also contains acerola extract & Australian Kakadu plum, as natural sources of vitamin C to support the production of collagen & cartilage. As a source of protein, collagen will support skin structure, repair and muscle growth. Be creative and add our versatile Marine Collagen to your daily routine… because a healthy outside starts from the inside!

  • Bioactive Skin Food
  • Hydrolysed Peptides

DAILY BOOSTER: Add 6 g (approx. 1 tbsp.) to cold or hot water, juices, smoothies, coffee, yoghurt, chia puddings, cereals or any other foods to get ‘more’ out of life®. Enjoy up to twice daily.

PROUDLY CONTAINS: Hydrolysed Marine Collagen Peptides (97%*), Acerola Extract, Australian Kakadu Plum. *Average Quantities. Contains fish. May contain traces of milk solids, soy, tree nuts, crustacea or shellfish


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Polypeptide FaceLift Cream 30g Polypeptide FaceLift Cream 30g
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Polypeptide Anti Wrinkle Cream Polypeptide Anti Wrinkle Cream
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