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Motherwort is a member of the mint family, Lamiaceae. The botanical name Leonurus cardiaca is derived from the Greek word for lion ‘leon’ and for tail ‘ouros’, referring to the apparent resemblance of the flowering plant to a lion’s tail. The species name ‘cardiaca’ refers to its use as a heart tonic. The common name Motherwort is a reference to the plant’s use by midwives and to the old word ‘wort’, meaning ‘to heal’. Other common names include Throw-wort, Lion’s Ear, Wild Dagga and Lion’s Tail. It is worth noting that Lion’s Ear is also the common name for Leonotis nepetifolia and Lion’s Tail a common name for Leonotis leonurus, both related plants.

Traditional Use: Motherwort calms the nerves and promotes muscle relaxation (due to the chemical leonurine) and therefore lowers the blood pressure, slows down the heart beat and reduces arrhythmias and palpitations, caused by anxiety and tension, In addition, Motherwort has diuretic effect helping further to lower the blood pressure and reduce swelling and water retention.

Motherwort was used by early midwives as a women’s tonic in heavy periods and to assist with birth because it stimulates the uterine muscles and promotes more coordinated uterus contractions  However, it is considered to be unsafe for pregnant women due to the possibly of inducing early uterine contractions but safe for use after birth to assist with recovery. 

Current Use: There is continuing research into the active ingredients of the Leonurus species. It is still used by traditional practitioners to calm the nerves, the heart (particularly in thyroid hyperactivity), and to condition the womb.

Warnings: Motherwort should not be used while on certain prescription medicines (warfarin) or in heart disease, during heavy periods or in pregnancy, without professional supervision. 

Related Herbs with similar effects on the nerves and the heart: Mistletoe and Hawthorn



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