LEMON BALM, Melissa officinalis Organic Loose Tea, 70g

LEMON BALM, Melissa officinalis Organic Loose Tea, 70g

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Benefits of Lemon Balm

1. Protects against heart and liver problems

- Lemon balm has ability to protect the heart from various types of injuries.

Lemon balm also seems to have an impact on the mechanics and electrical impulses of the heart.

- Traditional Iranian Medicine has used it as a therapy for some time to treat heart palpitations. 

- Another electrical change lemon balm seems to provide is in regulating heart arrhythmias. Melissa officinalis seems to reduce the occurrence of premature beats, tachycardia and fibrillation within the heart, all without causing any negative side effects. 

Lemon balm extract also causes major changes in electrocardiogram results, according to introductory research, that seem to extend electrical interval times. It’s not certain yet exactly what clinical benefits this may provide. But the pilot study in Iran that first documented the results is a significant discovery. 

2. Functions as a natural antibacterial agent

- Because of lemon balm’s long history in traditional medicine, researchers have studied how effective it actually protects against disease-causing agents, such as harmful bacteria. 

- Lemon balm oil specifically shows a high level of antibacterial activity against candida. This is a common yeast infection that causes a number of symptoms including exhaustion, brain fog, digestive problems and a weakened immune system. 

3. May be useful against diabetes

Researchers have tested both lemon balm essential oil and extract their effect on high blood sugar. Both produce similar results by reducing blood sugar levels and reducing oxidative stress related to diabetes. 

In fact, researchers at the Free University of Berlin stated, “ethanolic lemon balm extract can potentially be used to prevent or concomitantly treat type 2 diabetes,” because they were so impressed by the convincing data.

4. Might improve mood, concentration and sleep

- Traditionally, lemon balm has been used to treat anxiety and insomnia. Its mild sedative effect is a well-known feature. These claims seem to stand up to scientific scrutiny, as well as extend beyond treating general anxiety.

For example, lemon balm improves hyperactivity, concentration problems and impulsiveness in elementary school children. Taken internally in food products, it also seemed to enhance mood and/or cognitive performance in a study involving young adults. 

A natural sleep aid, it also seems to help reduce symptoms of insomnia and sleep disorder, including during menopause when such symptoms are very commonplace.

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