Syzygium Tincture

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Syzygium Jambolanum Seed Tincture

Botanical name: Syzygium cumini, Syzygium jambolanum

Syzygium jambolanum (jambul) tincture is widely used in homeopathy for diabetes mellitus. The seed is considered to be one of the most powerful hypoglycemic agents in the Ayurvedic repertory.

HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE is controversial as it uses highly diluted biological, botanical, or mineral substances to stimulate the body's own defense to deal with the symptoms and causes and recover. It is the safest natural stimulation of the defense systems of the body and has no contraindications, adverse drug reactions or the risk of drug interactions.

For indications and recommended dosage, please refer to your homeopathic practitioner or a copy of Materia Medica, also available online.

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