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Ginsana® (G115) is clinically proven to increase energy, endurance1-10 and improve immune function.11-15 Ginsana contains a unique extract of Panax ginseng (G115) that has 35 years of scientific investigation and clinical use behind it. Ginsana is manufactured in Switzerland by Ginsana SA, a world-leading phytomedicine group, which has been registered in Switzerland since 1975.


What is Ginsana used for?

Traditionally, Panax ginseng has been used as an adaptogen, to support adrenal health, energy and to enhance physical capacities during times of stress.

Clinical trials have demonstrated that Ginsana:

  • Energises and invigorates the body
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improves physical performance, endurance, stamina and fitness
  • Assists recovery from states of fatigue and exhaustion

Many people may benefit from taking Ginsana, including:

  • People requiring additional energy in their day: Ginsana reduces physical strain; improves physical energy and the immune system response.1-7,11-13
  • Physically active people and athletes: Ginsana improves oxygen uptake and endurance; increases fitness and shortens recovery time.1-10
  • People who are fatigued and run down: Ginsana improves immune response and reduces the incidence of common infections such as cold and flu.12,13

Safety & efficacy

The Panax ginseng extract used in Ginsana has been widely researched in numerous studies over the last 35 years, including clinical and pre-clinical trials. This research has demonstrated the significant health benefits of using Ginsana and its excellent tolerability.

Ginsana's unique formulation

Ginsana capsules contain a specific extract of Panax ginseng that is produced using a standardised and controlled process. In the preparation of Ginsana, only selected ‘white ginseng’ roots are used; these are harvested after 5 to 7 years’ growth, to ensure optimal concentration of active components.

Ginsana has been clinically proven, it is the exact product that has been used in numerous clinical trials. This is very important for natural medicines as there can be great variance between products, even if they appear to use the same active ingredients, due to the part of the plant that is used, growing methods, harvesting processes and manufacturing methods. The outcomes of clinical studies for natural medicines should therefore only apply to the exact product that has been tested.

Directions & dosage

Adults and adolescents over 12 years: 2 capsules daily – both to be taken with breakfast, or one with breakfast and one with lunch.

Whilst the benefits of Ginsana may be felt quickly, it is recommended to follow a course for at least 2 months; this may be interrupted with a 2 week break and then resumed.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, it is important to speak with a healthcare professional.

Caution: This product may interact with some prescription medicines or may be inappropriate to take in certain medical condition - please call our naturopaths for advice if unsure prior purchasing online.

References:  See all at http://www.flordis.com.au/product/ginsana#sthash.SFnZ3ZXD.dpuf





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