Eye Wash Herbal

Eye Wash Herbal

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Customer ratings for Eye Wash Herbal

Number of ratings: 3
Average rating: 5
from on 4/07/2019
All purpose eye wash. Good for gritty eyes, redness, sore eyes and its natural. Easy to use and keeps well. There's no stinging or irritation from using it. I prefer this eye wash to all others I've tried.
An exceptional product
from on 25/11/2016
I bought the tincture out of desperation: Ongoing discomfort from hayfever, sinus and colds: Immediate relief for treatment prior to using Eyebright for maintenance and prevention.
Five star product
from on 21/07/2015
I find the eyewash absolutely brilliant in helping with tired eyes. I tend to use it twice a day when my eyes are sore, and it always always helps.

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