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This is a truly amazing lotion with a short and simple list of ingredients: capsicum, ginger and nutmeg in alcohol.

Eichorn's Remedy provides instant relief following insects' bites and stings, thus preventing further scratching and skin damage. Has a pleasant aromatic fragrance and works as an insect repellant as well.

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Number of ratings: 14
Average rating: 5
from Rick on 1/08/2020
Still as good as i remember from my childhood some 60 years ago when my grandparents and then my parents used it for just about everything.
from Robyn Smith on 21/05/2020
I had used the original Eichorn's Remedy for many years. After it became unavailable it was a long time before I found Newton's product, which is equally as good as the original. I had kept the box that my last bottle of the original was in which is good because it has a detailed list of uses.
from SOPHIA on 29/05/2019
About 30 years ago I had a very bad attack of cold sores on my lips which migrated all over my mouth and onto my chin and upper lip. Horrible until a lady said to me to buy Eichorns remedy, this I did and within three days the healing was visible. every time I got a cold sore I used it and away went the cold sore, I haven't been able to buy it for 2 decades until I googled it on the internet. I just hope it is the same formula as I had 30 years ago. Have not tried it on a cold sore to date as I haven't got a cold sore at the moment. I bought it to have ready when a cold sore appears on my lip.
from Anonymous on 12/04/2018
Apart from the list of things it is recommended for i have used it on me feet which has broken out on a type eczema,and so far have had great results but have been informed that this type of eczema, may return but the eichorn remedy had calmed the redness, ichiness i am please with the result so far........soozie
Top marks,excellent.
from Anonymous on 29/03/2018
I have used this product for over 50 years and its the best thing you can buy. My family believe so strongly for this product and its all natural. Its great for mouth ulcers and we use it on sores, itches and wounds. We were so happy to find it still available at Newton's Pharmacy.
from Anonymous on 11/01/2018
I have used Eichorns Remedy for over 60 years for cuts, scratches, insect bites, etc., and I have always obtained excellent results, far better than any similar product available.
I am very pleased to discover that Newton's Pharmacy have seen fit to supply this product to the public, which, at one time, was easily available from all pharmacies, but disappeared from the market several years ago.
from Anonymous on 9/01/2018
My dad used to swear by this when I was young, it cured everything! Sore mouth, insect bites, cuts, grazes, gargle for sore throat.... it's just the best home remedy product on the market. I purchased 3 bottles, one each for my adult kids and their families. I too was excited to see it available again, thanks Newtons, it brings back stacks of memories and it works.
from Anonymous on 27/06/2017
Mum used Eichorn's when I was growing up for cuts, grazes, mozzie bites, pierced ears ... basically everything. Stings like nothing else but is absolutely worth it. My first aid kit is pretty minimal but I consider Eichorn's to be an essential item.
Excellent product
from Anonymous on 21/01/2017
Remember this from childhood, Mum used it on us for everything from insect bites to pimples. So glad it is available again. Now using on my grandchildren. Reasonably priced as a bottle lasts a long time. Thanks Newton Pharmacy
This is an excellent product.
from Anonymous on 12/12/2016
I used to use it regularly for cuts, abrasion & to alleviate itchy keloid scars before it went off the market many years ago. Your product is just as good as the commercial one. Keep up the good work.
100% The best product ever
from Anonymous on 20/09/2016
I have been using this product for about 40 years, and it was just recently that I found it was still available . On the back of the label of the original bottle of the Eichorns Remedy, there was a recipe ,on how to make it. I had a friend who was a chemist and he made me several bottles. I strongly recommend it.
from Anonymous on 4/06/2016
A long time user of this product and thankfully Newton Pharmacy still sell it.
from Anonymous on 18/02/2016
I used this product for many years as a kid.Mum used to put it on any cuts we got. the always healed up quickly with no infection.I am greatly pleased to have found that Newtons pharmacy is making this product available again.Thanks very much.
from Anonymous on 16/08/2015
We used the original for more years than I care to remember and was disappointed when it went off the market. However, looking up the history of the product I found it was again available from Newton's Pharmacy so I purchased 2 bottles. It smelt the same, tasted the same and, as the original, cleared up mouth ulcer overnight.
Nice to see it back in our medicine cabinet.
BW (79 years young)