Condys Crystals

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Pure, pharmaceutical, B.P.grade of Potassium permanganate, also known as Condy's crystals. Available on prescription.

Corrosive, staining, and poisonous substance. sometimes recommended for use as antiseptic bath solution of 0.01% or less 
The concentration of KMnO4 solution sitz bath is usually 1:10000 (i.e. one teaspoon of solution isdiluted with water to 2 Liters, or otherwise indicated.). To prepare:
1. Wear disposable gloves. Avoid direct contact.
2. Based on the area needed to be bathed, measure suitable amount of warm boiled water. (Water volume is best at multiple of 2L). Do not use boiling water in order to avoid scalding.
3. According to the amount of water,add suitable amount of KMnO4 solution.The diluted KMnO4 solution appears as light pink or light purple in colour.
4. Immerse the affected area in the solution for around 5 -10 minutes or until the warm water becomes cool.
5. Dry with clean towel. There is no need to rinse with water again after bathing with KMnO4 solution.
 In case of spillage of solution on other skin areas, wash with soap and water immediately. The skin will be stained but normal skin colour will be restored few days later.
 Caution:Sitz bath tub and towel will be stained by KMnO4 solution. They should not be used for other purposes. The above information provided can be regarded as a reference. If you have any problem, please consult your doctor.
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