CAPRYLIC ACID 60 capsules

CAPRYLIC ACID 60 capsules

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Don't know.
from on 6/09/2016
Newtons Pharmacy Caprylic acid is my first experience with Caprylic acid, so I am not able to objectively rate it in comparison with other brands of Caprylic acid.
Anyone considering using it, I would suggest also buying empty gelatine capsules as this is the only way I am able to avoid most of the very unpleasant taste of it. I am no princess when it comes to taking distasteful supplements but this is about as gross as I can go and still put it into my body. I sometimes wonder if someone labeled the rocket fuel as Caprylic acid by mistake. -- its THAT bad.
HOWEVER! it does make me feel great, so I guess as brain food (ketones) it must be doing something good.

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