Bio InflamZyme 90C

Bio InflamZyme 90C

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IflamZyme combines the vegetable-derived enzyme bromelain with yeast-derived protease enzymes. These proteolytic enzymes assist in the breakdown and removal of inflammatory by-products, thereby assisting the body’s natural healing processes, and helping reduce localised pain and swelling. Bromelains from pineapple provide additional anti-inflammatory activity.


  • Bromelains exhibit anti-inflammatory activity, and may assist in the temporary relief of mild knee pain, and swelling and inflammation of the nasal sinuses.

  • Protease enzymes are involved in the inflammatory cascade.

  • Proteolytic enzymes have demonstrated encouraging results for temporary symptom relief of inflammation caused by sporting injuries.

  • Aids digestion of proteins.

Each capsule contains:

Protease (from Aspergilllus oryzae)

100 000 HUT (200mg)

Bromelains (from Ananas comosus)



HUT = haemoglobin unit tyrosine base.



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