Anacardium Orientale

Anacardium Orientale

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Homeopathic Anacardium Orientale 

Botanical Name: Semecarpus anacardium
Family: Anacardiaceae
Synonyms: Anacardium latifolium Linn., A. officinarum
English: Marking nut
French: Acajou a' pommes
German: Ostindischer Markfruchtbaum 
Part used: The resinous juice of the seed

Anacardium Orientale (Anac.) is remedy of inner conflict and contradictory states. The person needing Anacardium may be one of two mental-emotional types: Unfeeling, heartless, malicious, cruel, hateful, godless, and cursing. Helpless, pleading, hopeless with a feeling of worthlessness.

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